What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a potentially life changing experience that brings greater poise and confidence, enhanced freedom in movement, and greater ease in everything we do.

It involves working via thought and awareness supported by the gentle guidance from a teacher's hands. It provides a means by which we can gradually reduce the force of negative habit, and promote a more natural, efficient and tension-free way of being. Critically this involves developing a more natural relationship between head, neck and back.

The Alexander Technique is directed at changing the responses of the nervous system - the link between mind and body. Thus its effects are not only to free undue muscle tension and promote better co-ordination of the body, and it also has a calming effect which reduces mental stress and improves clarity of mind. It leads you towards a new way of sitting, walking, lifting, and using a computer, and also a new way of thinking - a new approach to everything we do.

The Alexander Technique involves far more than simply relaxing and releasing tension. It can rejuvenate our natural postural spring so that as we let go of tension we lengthen in stature, maintain appropriate muscle tone, improve our natural poise, and experience more integrated co-ordination. The result brings about a lightness and buoyancy that we instinctively recognise as positive change.