T'ai Chi (T'ai Chi Chuan)

T'ai Chi (T'ai Chi Chuan) is an ancient Chinese martial art. It is one of the three internal systems of martial arts which base their techniques on the yielding principle combined with concentration of mind and breath. Nowadays T'ai Chi is most commonly practised as an exercise for health rather than as an art of combat.

Learning T'ai Chi

Learning T'ai Chi is a whole body exercise. Movements are slow, gentle and deliberate. The practice of T'ai Chi can result in improved strength, co-ordination, balance, posture and concentration. To practise T'ai Chi you need good body awareness to produce the springy lengthening and flexibility of your body and limbs. T'ai Chi practice requires that you avoid the inappropriate use of tension which creates brute force. Without being free of harmful habits of tension you will find it more difficult to gain the uplifting energy in body and mind which is part of T'ai Chi.

T'ai Chi and The Alexander Technique

In Alexander Technique lessons you are shown how to move with more ease and freedom while using less stress and tension. This is a prerequisite to the practice of T'ai Chi. Alexander Technique lessons are one on one so that your individual habits can be identified and changed before moving on to learning T'ai Chi forms. Alexander Technique lessons can also be of great benefit to experienced T'ai Chi enthusiasts. Alexander Technique lessons can enhance your body/mind awareness and co-ordination in any activity.