What to Expect in a Lesson

While the Alexander Technique has therapeutic benefits, Alexander Technique lessons are primarily viewed as educational. Students or pupils of the Technique have lessons in which they learn to be more aware of how they are "using" themselves in both body and mind. They learn to improve their use by learning to pause before reacting habitually, and via the subtle use of light "non-doing" thoughts or intentions to influence change.

This learning is supported by the teacher's hands, which realign and guide the student - providing learning that feeds directly into the nervous system, promoting and reinforcing new conscious awareness and understanding.

These practical, hands-on sessions give the actual experience of better movement and co-ordination, and teach its application in activity.

Students also learn a simple constructive resting procedure for tension release and re-alignment.

Because our postural habits are so deeply ingrained, and because any unhelpful habits tend to "feel right", we need repeated individual attention from an Alexander Technique teacher to reinforce our new learning. We also need to be prepared to take what we learn into our lives.

Although the benefits of the Technique become apparent within a few sessions, up to twenty lessons can be required for the student to be able to access these benefits reliably for themselves. Some people may need ongoing lessons to help them manage chronic pain, while others simply enjoy the experience and appreciate the fulfilment of ongoing improvement and development.